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MMOGA: Products & Services is a ‘Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming Association’, which sells a wide range of virtual goods via its online store.Their products are specifically targeted at the online gaming community, and the company evolves to ensure that the most popular online games are catered for in the range of items available. Currently, World of Warcraft ranks high in popularity, and virtual game characters, which have been ‘power levelled’ by, may be purchased from their store. Some of the top Online Games that their products cater for are ‘Age of Conan’, ‘Diablo 3’, ‘Flyff’, ‘Runescape’, and ‘Star Trek Online’. As well as virtual characters, the company sell virtual accessories, Gamecards, and CD Keys. Browser games are available to be played freely. The site also stocks a wide range of Antivirus and Security products.

MMOGA: Company Background

MMOGA is based in Hamburg, Germany, and has been in operation for over 8 years. It was one of the first of its kind to operate on a professional level, selling virtual products to the gaming community, in Germany. Since its formation, MMOGA has grown to become one of the market leaders within Europe.

A contact address provided by MMOGA is located within Hong Kong:


Liuxi Deng

16/F Kowloon Building
Nathan Road 555, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Phone: 0085281062633

There is limited information available for their Germany address.


MMOGA: Customer Feedback & Reviews

There have been numerous reported incidents where customers have made purchases from and have not received their virtual item or a refund.

“…Their prices may be lower, but they do not deliver. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY…”[]

Many customers have issues with what the company sell, because it is usually against online games companies TOS for items to be purchased out of the game. In addition, a power-levelled character involves ‘spamming’ within the game.

“Spammers and scammer which break Blizzard and other MMO TOS plus leads to hacked accounts which get banned…” [WOT]

A lot of customers have reported that after receiving payment through PayPal, MMOGA further demands that a passport be provided as proof of identity and refuses to issue a refund. Of course, there are always ways around that.

“Good thing I paid with PayPal - filed for a refund through them…”[SiteJabber]

They also don’t live up to their ‘instant’ delivery claims.

“On their website they say 10-15 minutes to get a gamecard. it is now pushing 1 week....”[OwnedCore]

 And a further point to note is that there have been numerous complaints regarding issuing demands for a landline number to be provided after the transaction has been completed. As some customers quite rightly pointed out, there are many people who choose not to own a landline.

 The problem is that often have customers’ money in their possession and then refuse or attempt to fob off requests for a refund. They subsequently make demands for phone numbers, and passports.  At this point customers have lost trust in the company, and most certainly do not want to provide them with details of their passport.

 Customers have also complained that when requesting a refund (for items that were not sent out), on the occasions where a refund is given, charges a fee. Many customers have had to resort to filing a complaint via PayPal in order to have their money returned.

In general, there are very few positive reviews of the company in comparison to the negative feedback.

MMOGA: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The rating allocated to by WOT indicates that the company cannot be trusted. It scores 49% for Privacy, 49% for Vendor Reliability, and 53% for Trustworthiness. A rating of 39% is indicated for Child Safety.

There is a concern that some of their products may not be legal.

 “So, i bought two keys, both of them were STOLEN keys…” [WOT]

 They are not listed on the Better Business Bureau site nor do they appear to have been cited by any reputable media outlets.

MMOGA: Website Popularity & Google Ranking has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 67,040; this is considered to be good. It has a reputation of 1,133. Page Views per user, on average is 11.

Visitors to the site tend to be males without children. They fall into the ‘18-34’-age range, and access the site from school or work.

The site has a Google PageRank of 4/10, which is low. There doesn’t appear to be any Google indexed pages.

The site receives 16,592 visitors each day, 20% of visits to the site are considered to be ‘bounces’. The revenue generated by Ads per day is estimated to be $51.25. [WebSiteLooker]. is not yet listed in the Dmoz directory.

MMOGA: Social Media Presence has an active media presence on the Internet. The Facebook page is posted on frequently, and they have 4,954 ‘Likes’. Most of their posts are of a ‘sales’ nature.

The company also maintains a blog, the posts tend to be reviews of games, and is updated regularly.  Their YouTube account was opened in February 2012 and the owner is based in Hong Kong. Statistics show that MMOGA have 175 Subscribers, 197 Videos, 4,016 Channel Views, and 388,024 Total Views.

They have two Twitter accounts. One goes by the name MMOGA Ltd, and it has 418 Tweets, 0 Following, and 157 Followers. The other,, which has 125 Tweets, 0 Following, and 24 Followers.

There doesn’t appear to be a LinkedIn account for members of MMOGA asides from that of their ‘sales’ person. The Google+ account has 1 member within its circles. MMOGA created a press release on the Reuters site in July 2012.

MMOGA: Website Security & Safety

Google Diagnostics indicate that is a safe site as far as spreading malware, infection, and carrying out suspicious activities goes. Google had not checked the site in recent months.

An active McAfee SECURE logo is visibly displayed on the website, and its clear from the date that the site is indeed checked daily for issues. The site requires registration before items may be purchased. FairSS tests indicate that has a valid SSL certification. Therefore, the website may be considered safe and secure for customers to browse and carry out transactions.

MMOGA: Pricing & Packages

The range of virtual items and games that are catered to at the online store are greater than what is available at most other comparable online shops. For example, VirtualBarrack also sell virtual products for online games, these are limited to World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Guild Wars. World of Warcraft is currently one of their best selling range of virtual products. This includes ‘WoW’ gold, and virtual characters.

Level 80 Virtual Characters For Warcraft (Current price ranges given). = $94-$246

VirtualBarrack = $1-$79

ToonStorm = $78-$114

BuyMMOAccounts = $139

Both ToonStorm and BuyMMOAccounts have a very limited selection of characters to choose from. MMOGA has the greater number of virtual characters than the other online stores. These tend to be the ‘Deathknight’, and overall there isn’t a great deal of choice in that respect. VirtualBarrack offers a lesser number of virtual characters, but the customer has a greater choice of characters to select from. Pricing is affected by the ‘special items’ that each virtual character might have. This will differ from one to another.

Overall, caters to a greater audience than its competitors, and sells items for a diverse range of online games. Its prices for a popular game such as World of Warcraft do not appear to compare favourably to those of VirtualBarrack.

MMOGA: Shipping Rates & Policies

Although the company does not ship physical items, it should be noted that their policy is to email the ‘goods’ within 1-24 hours with the exception of CDKeys. CDKeys are sent out almost instantly, and the customer may expect to receive them within 5 minutes of making their purchase.

However, from the feedback provided by dissatisfied customers, there have been a number of issues with receipt of goods. This is usually due to not sending it out after receiving payment. It’s not uncommon for to fail to live up to its delivery promise, and many customers have been left waiting for two weeks or more. They often resort to external measures such as filing a PayPal dispute, or contact their banking company in order to retrieve their money.

MMOGA: Payment Methods Accepted

A wide range of payment methods is accepted on the  The site provides a clear indication of the choices available at the footer of their site, in their FAQs section, and prior to purchase. This means that the customer is clearly informed before going through the procedure of registration and entering the ‘checkout point’.

Payment Methods At A Glance

Bank Transfer



Credit Card


Moneybookers (Skrill)


Direct Debit


MMOGA: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

For returns, refunds, and exchanges it’s not clear from the what their policy actually is. From feedback of customers, it would seem that customers are usually directed to the online chat system when there are any issues. Customers’ experiences suggest that the company is very reluctant to issue refunds – even for goods that have not been emailed out. Some customers have had a charge imposed upon their refund, which was deducted from the money they had paid to

 “…ordered key got told to wait its not in stock, got given the runabout about a refund…”[SiteJabber]

 There have been instances whereby the incorrect item has been sent out and the customer has been left for over two weeks awaiting resolution. In addition, in the event of price changes the company is known to send out a substantially inferior virtual item to the customer than the one that was purchased. The customer is not given any warning of this situation nor the option to cancel their purchase

MMOGA: Product images & screenshots
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